Pros and cons of carpooling your next rideshare

There’s no denying that Uber, Lyft and other rideshare services have become part of everyday life in the city.

And as these companies continue to grow, they’re offering more ways to get you where you need to go, from Lyft Line to UberXL, and even commuter benefits programs.

Carpooling seems a pretty obvious option for most rideshare companies, and now many provide the service.

But have you actually tried it? Does the idea of sharing a ride with a stranger freak you out? Well, here are some pros and cons of carpooling to help you decide if it’s right for you.

Pro: It’s cheaper

The money you save on carpooling could possibly buy you coffee for the week. Yeah, you may have to share the back seat with a stranger, but seeing the price of your ride drop instantly will turn that frown upside-down.

Pro: Meeting new people

Imagine this: Your ride pulls up and you sidle into the seat; you look to your left and lock eyes with the man of your dreams, and you know it’s meant to be. OK, OK, that’s probably never going to happen. But not every stranger you share a ride with is a creep, either. Friendly rideshare buddies make the drive go by faster and there’s less time spent awkwardly staring at your phone, wishing someone would text you back. Who knows, maybe you’ll make a new friend.

Con: Your rideshare buddy won’t shut up

On the flip side: Sometimes, you just want to sit in the back of your ride with your shades on and stare out the window in silence, ok?

Con: Smelly food

It’s never fun having to explain at your 1 p.m. meeting why you reek of falafel when you didn’t even get to eat any of it.

Pro: Booking a carpool but then no one matches up

Jackpot! Your ride just got cheaper AND you don’t have to share a car with anyone. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make your day that much brighter.

Con: Getting picked up first and dropped off last

You may actually start to believe hell will freeze over before you ever reach your destination.

Con: Squeezing three in the back seat

It may only happen rarely, but when it does, you kind of just wish you spent the extra dough to not carpool. But there you are anyway, crammed in the back seat of a Honda between two sweaty and smelly dudes – great.

Pro: UberPool qualifies as tax-free transit for work

As if a cheaper-than-usual ride can’t get any better, now your UberPool could also come tax free. If your company offers pretax commuter benefits through WageWorks, you can request an UberPool using their commuter tax benefit card.


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