Baldwin to return as Trump on ‘SNL’

Alec Baldwin will return as Donald Trump to this weekend’s Kristen Wiig-hosted edition of “Saturday Night Live” — for the moment answering one of pop culture’s more all-consuming questions, who will be “SNL’s” Trump going forward?

Or at least partly answering it: In an interview posted on on Friday, Baldwin confirmed he’ll return, after taking a break last weekend, and then he’ll periodically come back to the show in character.

At a gala for the American Museum of Natural History, with his wife Hilaria, he said, according to the website, “I’m going to do it again this weekend, but not all that often. There was a lot of things online that was said about it — like why didn’t I do it after the election? I was booked that weekend. Not even other jobs; we have things to do. It crashes every weekend.” (Per Hilaria, also quoted by “When he does ‘SNL,’ it takes a big chunk out of it because you’re up so late, and then it eats into the next day. And for us, with little kids, it’s hard.” The couple has three children, including a newborn.)

Baldwin as post-election president-elect Trump obviously has unique challenges, notably Trump. With the exception of the “60 Minutes” interview, he’s been mostly out of sight since the election except for an occasional tweet.

But Baldwin told that he doesn’t see that as a challenge: “Now it seems easier, in a way, to tell jokes about what Trump’s doing specifically because he’s in power. If [the candidates] are talking about what they’re going to do, it’s harder to criticize it than when you start seeing what they’re actually doing or not doing.”

“It seems fairer to criticize actual actions versus words,” he said, per

Does Saturday’s reprisal answer that question about the future of “SNL’s” Trump? Probably not, but it may offer some insight into the future of “SNL’s” Hillary Clinton — Kate McKinnon. If Baldwin’s Trump is back, it seems reasonable to assume her Clinton will be as well.


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