Week 3 a big one for RBs in fantasy football

Week 3 was a big one for running backs, with 10 posting at least 20 points in standard fantasy football leagues. For frame of reference, RBs reached the 20-point mark just seven times during the first two weeks of the season.

Plenty of fantasy owners of these high-scoring players are feeling good, but not all of them will make a habit of high-scoring performances.

Here’s a look at the top 10 RBs from Week 3 and how they could fare going forward.

Devonta Freeman & Tevin Coleman (Falcons)

Atlanta ran roughshod over the woeful Saints defense. Freeman racked up yards and a receiving TD, while Coleman ran for three scores. This is as good as it gets here. Most weeks, it will be tough to know which back to start.

Carlos Hyde (49ers)

In an odd occurrence, Hyde piled up points on the ground at the end of a blowout loss. He’s a capable player, but this isn’t likely to be a habit.

LeSean McCoy (Bills)

A vintage performance by the 2013 rushing leader, who started just a bit slow this year. McCoy certainly can score 15-20 points a few more times in 2016.

LeGarrette Blount (Patriots)

With Tom Brady serving his suspension, Blount has been key to New England’s 3-0 start. But Brady returns in Week 5, so he may be less consistent thereafter.

Christine Michael (Seahawks)

Finally the showcase back in Seattle, Michael may be a fantasy stud by year’s end. This weekend’s showdown against the Jets is his biggest test yet.

David Johnson (Cardinals)

A threat on the ground or through the air, Johnson is the top-scoring fantasy RB right now. He’s got what it takes to be No. 1 by January, too.

DeMarco Murray (Titans)

Looks like last season could have been a fluke in Philly. Even with Derrick Henry siphoning some carries, Murray is a must-start going forward.

Jeremy Hill (Bengals)

Hill, who scored two TDs on Sunday, is going to have more games like this going forward. If his history is an indicator, he’s also going to post plenty of duds.

Todd Gurley (Rams)

Finally, the preseason top RB breaks through. Los Angeles will keep feeding Gurley the ball every week, so forget about his awful first two games.


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