MLB To Adopt Universal DH, Other Changes When League Returns In Third Week Of July

Baseball is coming back, but it'll look very different in more ways than just no fans.

After more than six weeks of negotiations, the plan to resume baseball is in place. Each team will begin their spring training at their home ballparks beginning July 1, with a 60-game season expected to start on July 23 or 24, CBS2’s Steve Overmyer reported Wednesday.

The format will be very regionalized. The Yankees and Mets, for example, will play 40 games against division rivals and 20 interleague games against regional teams, meaning the Bombers will play the NL East and the Amazins’ the AL East.

There will be many on-field changes, including:

  • Universal DH. The National League will use the extra for batter in every game.
  • Runner placed on 2nd at the start if every extra inning
  • No spitting and pitchers won’t be able to lick their fingers. Some guys do it after every pitch.
  • Players and staff will be tested for coronavirus every other day.

Safety protocols will be strict and, of course, subject to change. The owners and the MLBPA have gotten through the difficult challenge of agreeing to terms and outlining safety protocols. Now comes the hardest part — executing the plan.


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