Jets Safety Jamal Adams Officially Asks Team For Trade

According to reports, he wants to be the highest paid safety in the NFL.

The Jets don’t want to trade. Adams still under his rookie contract for two more years.

But according to reports, he wants to be the highest paid safety in the NFL.

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Adams has been to two Pro Bowls in his three seasons, but he’s not a free agent and wants to be paid like one.

CBS2’s Steve Overmyer spoke with The Athletic’s Jets beat reporter, Connor Hughes, about Adams’ value in trades

“Do the Jets need to get a Pro Bowler in return to make a trade happen?” Overmyer asked.

“I don’t know if that player is going to necessarily be up for grabs. It’s certainly not going to be up for grabs for the list of teams that Jamal Adams provided that he’d like to go play for. But if you’re looking at something, I would probably think maybe a first-round pick and then a serviceable starter. And not like an Alex Lewis, Connor McGovern starter. I’m talking to someone who is a borderline Pro Bowl player, but certainly above average, pretty decent football player in addition to a first-round pick,” Hughes said.


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