Governor Cuomo Says New York 'Ready And Willing' To Partner With Sports Teams Interested In Playing Games Without Fans

The Governor said at his daily coronavirus briefing that the state is willing to work with teams on having them return to play as long as they do it safely and without fans.

(CBSNewYork)- Governor Andrew Cuomo offered a ray of hope to the state’s sports fans on Monday when he said at his daily coronavirus briefing that the state is “ready and willing” to work with its sports teams on playing games without fans in attendance.

“Hockey, basketball, baseball, football — whoever can reopen — we’re a ready, willing and able partner,” Cuomo said Monday.

The announcement from the Governor follows remarks over the weekend in which he said that the state’s race tracks for both auto and horse racing could open under the same conditions.

The sports leagues themselves are still working on what their return to play scenarios will look like. While Major League Baseball has reportedly approved an 82-game season with hopes of holding opening day in early-July, plenty of hurdles remain in negotiations.

The same can be said for the NHL, which reports indicate made “significant progress” over the weekend on a potential 24-team playoff format. But, those talks are far from official as well.

The NBA has allowed its teams to return to practice facilities to begin individual workouts in accordance with local public health officials. Several teams have already opened their facilities and it would seem based on Cuomo’s remarks, that the Knicks and Nets may be able to do so soon.


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