Giants sign QB Johnson

Some teams made news on Monday by announcing who their starting quarterback will be. The Giants did it by announcing who their third quarterback is.

Ryan Nassib wasn’t challenged much for his job as the backup quarterback during the preseason. That changes now, though, as the Giants signed seven-year veteran Josh Johnson on Monday.

“We’re going to give Ryan a little bit of competition with Josh,” Ben McAdoo said. “He’s a good player. He’s been around the block. It’ll bring out the best in both of them.”

Nassib played the majority of the preseason for the Giants with two starts. He completed 31 of 75 passes for 379 yards, three TDs and three interceptions.

The surprising addition comes just two days after the Giants cut down to their 53-man roster and kept two quarterbacks. At the time McAdoo said he was “comfortable” with just Eli Manning and Nassib as active players. He said his comfort level with that did not change, even though the overall number now has.

“I am comfortable with two,” he said on Monday. “We decided there is one out there, Josh, that we thought could come in and create some competition to get them both better.”


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