Finalists unveiled for SI Yankees rebranding

Staten Islanders have spoken after the Staten Island Yankees announced they will be renaming the team for the 2017 season. Five potential names from the “Name The Team” contest have been revealed.

According to the Single A club, more than 2,000 fans submmited suggestions for new team names online. Fans now have two weeks to vote for the winner at

These are the five finalists, as described by the team:

Staten Island Bridge Trolls

“Bridge Trolls commemorates the iconic bridges that connect Staten Island, while embracing the kind of wacky names Minor League Baseball is known for.”

Staten Island Heroes

“The Heroes honors the civil servants and military personnel of Staten Island and New York who work tirelessly to uphold our American values.”

Staten Island Killer Bees

“Killer Bees pays tribute to Staten Island’s musical and cultural impact. Fans will be “buzzing” over our bee-themed promotions!”

Staten Island Pizza Rats

“Like Staten Islanders and New Yorkers, these natives are tenacious, enterprising and know where to find the best food in the city.”

Staten Island Rock Pigeons

“Another animal synonymous with the city, the Rock Pigeons celebrates Staten Island — known by locals as ‘The Rock.’”


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