Baseball Returns In Taiwan, Kevin Durant Injury Update, Shula's Passing, And More

Otis Livingston runs through the top stories in the world of sports with the passing of legendary football coach Don Shula, the return of baseball overseas, and a Kevin Durant injury update.

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — On Monday, the NFL lost one of its greatest coaches ever.

Former Miami Dolphins head coach Don Shula passed away at the age of 90. Shula was the head coach of the Baltimore Colts when Joe Namath and the New York Jets won Super Bowl III in 1969.

Shula went on to win two Super Bowls in Miami, including at the end of the epic 1972 season in which the Dolphins finished undefeated. Shula was a head coach in the NFL for over 30 years, only suffered two losing seasons, and has more wins than any coach in league history.


Meanwhile, there is progress on the return of baseball around the world. It is being played again in Taiwan and soon up to 250 fans will be allowed into stadiums. On Tuesday, it will be opening day in South Korea. They will begin the season without fans and their will be six broadcasts per week here in the United States.

Major League Baseball is closely watching the progress of baseball returning around the world. CBS2’s Otis Livingston spoke to Newsday baseball columnist Dave Lennon and while Lennon is encouraged by the latest news abroad, he’s not getting his hopes up about that translating to baseball here in the U.S.

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Major League Baseball isn’t the only sports league impacted by COVID-19. The NBA is still waiting for a return date and the suspension of the season could mean good news for the Brooklyn Nets. General manager Sean Marks said Kevin Durant could be available if the season resumes.

PHOTO GALLERY: Coronavirus Shutdown 30 Days In

Durant has yet to make his Nets debut and has been sidelined since rupturing his Achilles in the 2019 NBA Finals against the Toronto Raptors. When play was suspended, the Nets were 7th in the Eastern Conference standings.


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