Arike Ogunbowale On WNBA Draft, College Career & Muffet McGraw

The national champion and former Notre Dame star explains what her life has been like since losing to Baylor on Sunday in the championship game.

(CBS Local)– The WNBA Draft is tonight in New York City and former Notre Dame star guard Arike Ogunbowale is expected to be one of the first names called this evening.

It’s been a wild 72 hours for the national champion. Ogunbowale was in Tampa Bay Sunday when her team lost the national title game, flew back to Notre Dame and then went from Indiana to NYC. The all-time leading scorer is Notre Dame women’s basketball history is still processing everything that happened the last few days.

“I definitely haven’t been able to fully process all of it,” said Ogunbowale in an interview with CBS Local. “I just finished the Final Four and I haven’t had time to process that and not even process what is about to happen tonight. It’s definitely been a lot, but I’m really excited.”

During her college career, Ogunbowale won a national title, hit two game-winning shots in the Final Four and became an All-American. The future WNBA player is proud of the work she and her teammates put in over the last four years.

“These four years have had ups and downs for myself and the seniors,” said Ogunbowale. “I’m definitely proud of how we competed for the whole four years and I think we left a big mark and legacy on Notre Dame.”

Earlier this week, Ogunbowale’s college coach Muffet McGraw made comments that went viral about gender equality in sports and life. This wasn’t the first time that the former Notre Dame star and her teammates heard their coach speaking out for women everywhere.

“I’ve learned so much from her. She went viral for her comments, but she says that to us everyday,” said Ogunbowale. “I’ve heard that since I was a freshman. She empowers women and empowers us to use our platform for good. She really tries to tell us to be advocates for that and I’m definitely going to take that away.”


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