Now, finally time for the only poll that counts

At last, no more opinion polls. Now it’s your turn.

We say this with all due respect for professional pulse-takers, but America has been bombarded this election season — by polls of the nation, polls of every battleground state, polls of every conceivable demographic group, polls seemingly produced by the hour. They have been baffling and maddening in their frequent disagreement. No one knows which are accurate.

But it’s important to remember these polls are not actual results. That’s what’s happening Tuesday, Election Day. This is the only poll that counts, and we hope you participate.

We hope that in addition to voting for president, you pay attention to other races, like contests for State Senate and State Assembly, which also are critical to your future.

We hope you don’t take a ballot selfie. It’s not in keeping with the seriousness of this process, and it’s going to slow up the line behind you.

We hope for a record turnout, here and across the nation.

We hope that FBI Director James Comey doesn’t say or write anything Tuesday.

We hope you enjoy Tuesday night, when campaign gatherings for both presidential contenders make New York the center of the universe.

We hope that, with the eyes of the world watching like never before, our nation shows everyone why America is the model of democracy.

We hope that no one tries to intimidate anyone at any polling place.

We hope that the presidential election produces a clear result and that the vote of the Electoral College tracks the popular vote.

We hope that Tuesday night’s acceptance and concession speeches look to the future and that the candidates ask their followers to support the winner so our government can start working for all its people.

We hope that local candidates start taking down all of their signs and other visual litter on Wednesday.

And we hope you vote.


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