Trump cries ‘third rated journalism’, Pence backs Trump, says campaign will present evidence backing Trump's innocence

WASHINGTON, U.S. - A part of American voters believe Donald Trump was accused based on evidence, while some suggest allegations of sexual assault are false and third-rated ...

• Trump alleges conspiracy by Clintons and its associated media

• Trump gets Pence’s backing, supporters cry foul too

• Trump controversies affecting RNC fund

WASHINGTON, U.S. - A part of American voters believe Donald Trump was accused based on evidence, while some suggest allegations of sexual assault are false and third-rated journalism.

Trump’s ‘locker room talks’ led to models and other women to make accusations of sexual assault on Trump. However, since the presidential debate, Trump has escaped the allegations by the women, terming them as ‘horrible liars’.

Now, along with Trump, his running mate Mike Pence too has blamed the media for its obsession with accusers’ ‘unsubstantiated’ allegations. 

Pence said, “Stay tuned. I know there's more information that's going to be coming out that will back his claim that this is all categorically false.”

Earlier, Trump in a counter-accusation had said that the newspaper which published two of the allegations along with other media houses were assisting democratic candidate Hillary Clinton in a campaign to prevent him from winning the election. 

People magazine writer, Natasha Stoynoff accused Trump of sexual assault followed by another woman, 74-year old Jessica Leeds making similar accusations. 

Leeds accused Trump of assaulting her in a flight three decades back. “He was like an octopus. His hands were everywhere,” Leeds said.

Another woman named Rachel Crooks claimed that Trump forcefully “kissed directly on the mouth.”

Trump, without forthrightly denying any of the claims, has questioned the legitimacy of these claims.

He has questioned why they waited for years to come forward, and why their claims have come at a time when the elections are less than a month away. 

“These vicious claims about me, of inappropriate conduct with women, are totally and absolutely false. And the Clintons know it,” said Trump.

Trump-attacks came after campaign manager Kellyanne Conway highlighted Clinton’s tweet “every survivor of sexual assault deserves to be heard, believed, and supported,” as she defended Trump’s use of Bill Clinton’s female accusers in the recent presidential debate. 

Some of Trump’s followers have dismissed the allegations over their suspicious timing and decided to continue to support their candidate. 

Judy Weimer, 75, one of Trump’s follower said that the revelations after all these years are just a tactic to derail Trump’s candidacy. 

She said, “The accusations don’t worry me a bit. I believe Mr. Trump had acted as all rich men did decades ago.” 

“But when I look at it, I see this woman 30 years ago, I see a tall, nice-looking rich man that’ll go with, you know, they get the women, you know they do. The movie stars, the basketball stars, they get them,” she added.

With the all-crucial American Presidential election just round the corner, the controversies, however have affected the Republican party’s ability to raise money. 

In the last three months, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has raised 25 percent less than the same time-frame four years ago. 

The RNC fund suggests that it had raised $48.4 million in September 2012 but could only raise $39.4 million last month.


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