The man Clinton blames, is the man Trump needs to thank

LONDON, U.S. - Over the last week, the U.S. Presidential Elections have become a topic of discussion amongst all levels of society. Ironically, the man that the Democratic camp blames for the ...

• Trump’s former campaign manager Lewandowski agrees with Hillary Clinton, claims Trump should thank Comey for dramatic victory

• Americans were very smart to vote for Mr. Trump: Corey Lewandowski

• President-elect Donald Trump is the greatest phenomenon to hit the U.S. in a lifetime: Corey Lewandowski

LONDON, U.S. - Over the last week, the U.S. Presidential Elections have become a topic of discussion amongst all levels of society. Ironically, the man that the Democratic camp blames for the election defeat, is the same man that the Republicans should thank.

At least one Trump loyalist believes so and didn’t hesitate to put his thoughts in words either. 

Recently, addressing her high profile donors, Hilary Clinton said that FBI Director James Comey’s renewed investigation, that came merely 11 days before America went to the polls, was part of the reason for her shocking defeat. Now, Donald Trump’s former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski has mirrored her beliefs - except he isn’t blaming Comey but is crediting him with Trump’s stunning success. 

Speaking at the Oxford Union during a trip to the United Kingdom, Lewandowski acknowledged that FBI director James Comey’s intervention in the campaign energised Trump and his supporters.

So much so, that Comey’s decision to reopen investigation into Clinton’s email scandal, he said gave the Republican a “spring in his step” that helped him win the election.

For months leading up to the elections, Clinton had emerged as a hot favourite in almost every national public opinion poll. 

However, days before the election, James Comey sent a letter to the U.S. Congress, announcing a revival of the email investigation after fresh emails were discovered in the probe into Clinton's State Department email practices.

Then, two days before the election and a week after announcing the revival of the probe, Comey informed the U.S. Congress through another letter, that the investigation has been closed because the bureau found no merit in the case. 

The timing of his two announcements thrust the FBI into the thick of the fractious presidential race, entangled in a way that strained its independence and cracked its prized reputation for silence about its work. 

Lewandowski said, “With 11 days to go in this election cycle, something amazing happened. The FBI director, James Comey, came out on a Friday and said they may be reopening the investigation into ‘crooked’ Hillary Clinton’s emails. What that did was remind people that there are two different rules in Washington ― those of the elites, for the privileged, and those for everybody else.”

Even days after the election, the FBI’s handling of the investigation continued to create more turmoil for the bureau than any other matter has in recent times. Embattled director Comey too faced harsh criticism from both Republicans and Democrats over his handling of the controversy.

There were even reports that Comey could be sacked even though he is only three years into his ten year term as head of the FBI. So far, only one of his predecessors has ever been sacked.

Lewandowski recalls that Trump’s team was prompted to “redouble their efforts” as the campaign entered its final stretch.

“In these last eleven days Donald Trump was exceptionally disciplined. You saw him on the teleprompter, you saw him doing less media,” he added.

He also commented on the ongoing anti-Trump protests in the United States, claiming that no one seems to be happy with the outcome of the elections.

He said, “That’s your right and your privilege in our great country. But do it peacefully and respectfully and honor the 120 million people who voted in this election cycle. Democracy works. If you don’t like it in four years you have the opportunity to change it. If we don’t abide by that system then chaos ensues.”

Lewandowski also praised Donald Trump and his efforts to “Make America Great Again” - claiming that Americans were “very smart” to vote for him and compared the campaign to the Brexit vote. 

“President-elect Donald Trump is the single greatest phenomenon to hit the U.S. in a lifetime. Making America great again is a very hard task - it takes time,” he told students, who constantly booed him through the speech.

Lewandowski is Trump’s former campaign manager, who was criticized for assaulting a female reporter, but prosecutors in April declined to charge him for assault after he agreed to have “touched” the reporter.

Meanwhile, Lewandowski’s appearance at the Oxford Union drew demonstrations as protestors gathered outside the venue chanting “no borders, no nation, stop the deportation,” and “No Trump, no KK, no fascist U.S.A.” and some chanted “Dump Trump, dump Corey and their pet the f*****g Tories.”

People gathered for the peaceful protest in St Michael's Street outside the entrance to the world-famous debating chamber, with some holding up banners.

Some protestors were also escorted by the security as they chanted, “F**k you, Corey. F**k Donald Trump,” in the audience and repeatedly posed questions at him that were aimed at getting him to ‘admit that the President-elect is a racist.’


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