Protesters close upper level of George Washington Bridge

A group of protesters shut down part of the George Washington Bridge Wednesday morning, the Port Authority said.

Ten protesters were blocking the eastbound lanes of the upper level of the bridge around 8:15 a.m., Port Authority said.

The agency closed the bridge for about 15 minutes to remove the protesters. All 10, seven men and three women, were taken into custody.

On Twitter, photos of the protest were posted with the hashtags #somosvisible and #wearevisible, linking the protesters to the workers rights group Laundry Workers Center. The group has also planned a rally in Union Square Park for Wednesday night, according to its Facebook page.

“We are a Grassroots Autonomous Movement campaigning for the right of every member of our communities to be visible, to be able to take part in the decision making process that affect our communities in our ‘democratic’ system, and for the ability to determine our destinies,” the group wrote on Facebook.

There were delays of over an hour due to the protest, Port Authority said.


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