Meet Jamie, an adoptable pit bull who loves to run, explore and cuddle

When Jamie the dog was rescued from a Brooklyn home, she was underweight and dirty with nails so overgrown that they were curving into her feet. But if you look at her now, you'd never know.

This adorable 4-year-old pit bull mix was rescued in April when NYPD officers found her and another dog inside an East Flatbush home. The dogs’ owner Jahmil Barrett was arrested and charged with torturing animals, police said.

After six months of medical and behavioral treatment, Jamie is finally ready for a new home, just in time for October’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month.

"Jamie's story is a great example of a dog's ability to triumph over abuse and neglect to become a loving companion," Howard Lawrence, vice president of ASPCA Humane Law Enforcement, said in a statement. (Credit: ASPCA)

Several officers in Manhattan recently took Jamie out for a day around town. She visited Riverside Park, rode in a real police van and enjoyed belly rubs and delicious pup-cakes. (Credit: ASPCA)

Jamie loves to cuddle on the couch, as well as explore outside. But the real joy is watching Jamie run: This strong girl bounds about as if there is nothing better in the world to do.

If you're interested in adopting Jamie or any of the dogs that need homes during October's Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, call the ASPCA's Adoption Center at (646) 291-4500 or visit the ASPCA at 424 E. 92nd St.

(Credit: ASPCA)




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