Manhattan man threatened ‘Las Vegas part 2’ in Colorado: FBI

The FBI arrested a Manhattan man on Tuesday after he allegedly threatened to kill members of a Denver-based company with “Las Vegas part 2.”

Victor Casillas, 34, was expected to be arraigned on several criminal charges in the Eastern District of New York on Wednesday.

Casillas was allegedly involved in a dispute with an unidentified tech company, which “gives credits, exchangeable for money, for referring other users,” according to the FBI. The company shut down several of his accounts three weeks ago after they determined he was setting up dummy identities in order to receive the cash bonuses.

Casillas immediately began sending the company threatening messages including one that stated, “I HOPE YOU CLEARLY UNDERSTAND IF THE LAW DONT GET YOU.....I WILL!!!!..” with a picture of two submachine guns, according to a criminal complaint.

He sent several similar messages to the company and included a reference to the Oct. 1 shooting in Las Vegas, in an Oct. 4 emailed titled “GET READY FOR A LAS VEGAS REPEAT (Final Warning),” according to the FBI.

Casillas faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.


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