‘I Was Devastated:’ N.J. Mother Says She Was Scammed Trying To Buy Dog For Her Terminally Ill Son

Many of our viewers offered to help a New Jersey mom and her 6-year-old son, and one of them is putting his money where his mouth is.

Leart Dervishaj, 6, has a rare, incurable form of dwarfism, and doctors say he only has a few years left to live. His condition has worsened in the last month, with kidney failure and seizures.

“I wasn’t feeling good,” he told CBS2’s Reena Roy.

The dog was supposed to be his sliver of hope.

“I got some dog bones and a bed,” he said.

Dervishaj’s new best friend was on its way – or so he thought.

“I love dogs,” he said. “He might run and play with me.”

His mom said she saw a Facebook post with what looked like the perfect puppy for her little one. But instead, she’s down more than $1,400 with no dog in sight.

“She said the dog is not coming,” said Dervishaj, adding it made him feel “sad.”

“I was devastated. He’s been wanting this for over a year. We’ve been in the hospital for five weeks now. It was his graduation. With his condition, kindergarten graduation is all I had,” his mom, Rezarta Osmani said.

She said on June 8, she wired all the fees to Imperial Puppies for Sale, expecting the dog to be flown here from Georgia. After getting the runaround via text for two days, reality set in.

“It kind of hit me, it’s not happening,’” she said. “Everything seemed legit.”

Luckily thanks to a CBS2 viewer in Sunnyside, Queens who saw an earlier airing of the story, Leart’s dream may come true.

“I felt bad for him,” the good Samaritan who wished to remain anonymous said. “I understand what it’s like to be disabled, to have a puppy would mean the world to him.”

The 64-year-old, facing his own disability, says he’ll be sending double the money lost. While Leart is back in the hospital, his mom says they’re beyond grateful for the outpouring of support and kindness.

CBS2 Facebook messaged, called, and text messaged the company which changed its name, but got no answer.


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