Hilarious taxi drivers calendar raises money for charity

The 2017 NYC Taxi Drivers Calendar is now on sale -- and it’s everything you could have imagined, and then some.

Featuring sexy poses from good-humored drivers and props ranging from rose petals (hello, "Mr. February") to squeegees, and even an appearance from actress Elizabeth Ann Berg and puppet Lucy, from Broadway’s “Avenue Q,” this might be the best stocking stuffer of the holiday season.

Now in its fourth edition, the 2017 calendar boasts its most diverse cast of taxi drivers to date, co-founder Phillip Kirkman said.

“We have a very diverse group this year,” Kirkman said in a phone interview. “We have drivers from across five continents.”

The calendar, which is sold online and retails for $14.99, got its start after Kirkman put together a similar one featuring his brother, as a gift for his sister-in-law.

“I was in the midst of a career change,” and started working on more creative projects, he explained. “It was well received among family and friends.”

After the gag gift’s success, Kirkman said he and his wife, Shannon Kirkman, started brainstorming.

“Can we do a calendar of sanitation workers or doormen … and that’s how we kind of landed on taxi drivers,” he said.

Better yet, a portion of the proceeds is donated to the nonprofit University Settlement. Previous calendars have raised a total of nearly $55,000 in donations, according to Kirkman.

University Settlement provides services – including housing, recreation and literacy programs – to more than 30,000 immigrants and their families.

Kirkman said the decision to reach out to University Settlement as their charity of choice had everything to do with the diversity of taxi drivers in New York City.

Scroll down to see some of the studs from this year's calendar.

Luis is showing some love for February in this Valentine's Day-themed photo. (Credit: Shannon Kirkman)

Ali knows how to work a squeegee. (Credit: Shannon Kirkman)

Yuriy is so buff, he can lift luggage with just his pinky. (Credit: Shannon Kirkman)



We're not sure if Joe is aware of what he's gotten himself into. (Credit: Shannon Kirkman)


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