High Schooler Surprises Classmate With Down Syndrome With 'Promposal'

On Tuesday, senior Nick Viscovich was counting down the days to his big night.

A Long Island boy with Down syndrome got asked to prom right in the middle of his life skills class. On Tuesday, Nick Viscovich was counting down the days to his big night.

The Oyster Bay High School senior’s disability hasn’t stopped him from having a big year. He’s already won homecoming king, and with the help of a friend he’s ending his high school career on a high note.

“He always makes everyone smile and I just figured I would do the same,” Nick’s friend, Jordana Testa told CBS2.

Jordan’s known Nick since they were five years old, and she wanted to make the moment as great as he is.

“I was so nervous,” Jordana said. “I didn’t know what to expect.”

She says she swallowed those fears and surprised Nick while they were in school. Holding up a poster that read “Prom Would Be A Blast With You As My Super-Date,” he of course said yes.

“Happy and makes me feel joyful and kind, sweet,” Nick said.

Principal Sharon Lasher says it’s an indication of the school’s student body.

“They’re very accepting,” she said. “They’re very willing to work together on a social and school level.”

With summer vacation rapidly approaching, Nick says he’s sad school is coming to a close. At least he knows he has prom to look forward to.

Jordana says she tried to keep the promposal as secretive as possible by only telling Nick’s mom and a few of her friends before she popped the question.


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