Eyebrow-raising Trump quotes from the debates

As Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton went back and forth at all three presidential debates, there were some moments that just made us raise our eyebrows and ask, "What did Trump say?"

Here are some of those bizarre moments.

"The Supreme Court, it's what it's all about," Trump said at the start of the third debate before warning Americans that, under a President Clinton, "we will have a Second Amendment that is a small replica of what it is today." (Credit: AFP / Getty Images / Saul Loeb)

Speaking about the recently released recording with lewd comments Trump had made, the Republican candidate said, "That was locker room talk. I'm not proud of it ... But that was something that happened." He did not elaborate as to how or why the remarks occurred. (Credit: Getty Images / Chip Somodevilla)

In talking about the recent WikiLeaks release of, purportedly, paid speeches Clinton had given, Trump said that "She got caught in a total lie. ... And now she's blaming the lie on the late, great Abraham Lincoln."

Earlier, Clinton had recalled a speech, in which she discussed public versus private personas, that had referenced Steven Spielberg's portrayal of the 16th president in "Lincoln."

(Credit: Getty Images / Saul Loeb-Pool)



It's something you don't hear often in a debate: an admission of ignorance. "I know nothing about Russia," Trump said, while discussing Vladimir Putin and whether or not Russia had been behind recent leaks. "I know about Russia," he said quickly, "but I know nothing about the inter workings of Russia." (Credit: Getty Images / Saul Loeb-Pool)

"I want you to be very happy. It's very important to me," Trump said to Clinton early on in the debate. (Credit: Newsday / Alejandra Villa)

Trump said the DNC hacker could have been "somebody sitting on their bed that weighs 400 pounds," or it could have been Russia, or China, or someone else. (Credit: Newsday / Alejandra Villa)

"You've been fighting ISIS your entire adult life," Trump told Clinton. That accusation, however, is chronologically impossible. (Credit: Getty Images / Drew Angerer)

Trump said he overheard Clinton talking with someone behind a curtain. "I don't know who you were talking to, Secretary Clinton, but you were totally out of control," he said, claiming that he had better temperament than her. "Woo, OK," Clinton responded. (Credit: Getty Images / Jewel Samad)



Near the end of the debate, Trump said, "I was going to say something extremely rough to Hillary, to her family, and I said to myself, I can't do it. I just can't do it. It's inappropriate, it's not nice." He then criticized Clinton for her campaign's negative ads about him. (Credit: Getty Images / Win McNamee)


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