De Blasio: City won’t make 2016 Build it Back deadline

The city’s Build it Back program won’t make its 2016 deadline to complete the reconstruction of homes damaged and destroyed during Super Storm Sandy.

Mayor Bill de Blasio made the announcement in the program’s October progress update report that was released Thursday

Only 2,051 of the 9,223 single family construction projects have been completed as of this week. The mayor predicted that about 75% of the construction will be done by the end of the year.

“Last year, we had hoped to complete all single ‐family Build It Back homes by the end of 2016. We will fall short of that goal, for which my team and I take personal responsibility.”

The program, which was created under Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s administration, aimed to streamline the recovery efforts for homeowners by offering financial help and connections to city-certified construction crews.

It has come under tremendous criticism from local leaders and applicants for its sluggish response and bureaucratic operation.

De Blasio said his administration is pursuing legislative actions to speed up the process.

The program is also offering applicants who face long rebuilding timetables up to $650,000 to sell their property to the city.


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