Cops: 13-year-old sexually assaulted in Claremont Park

Police are searching for a suspect who they said sexually assaulted a teenage girl inside Claremont Park on Monday night in the Bronx.

According to investigators, the 13-year-old victim was walking through the park around 10 p.m. when an unknown male grabbed and dragged her to a rocky area where he sexually assaulted her. Police said a female who was with the suspect acted as a lookout during the assault.

The suspect and the lookout then fled the park, police said.

Cops said the victim was treated at a hospital and released.

The attack happened around the same time that a 28-year-old woman was sexually assaulted in Central Park in Manhattan on Monday. However, police said there is no indication that the two cases are connected.

A law enforcement source said the suspects were described differently in each case. While police said the suspect in the Central Park attack is a man in his 30s, the source said the suspect in the Claremont Park attack is believed to be a male in his teens.


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