Brooklyn professor has most popular tweet during debate

The most retweeted remark about the second presidential debate came from a Brooklyn College professor.

Replying to Donald Trump telling Muslims in America that they need to report "when they see hatred going on,” Moustafa Bayoumi reported some behavior he found hateful.

"I'm a Muslim, and I would like to report a crazy man threatening a woman on a stage in Missouri. #debate," Bayoumi wrote

The comment was retweeted 1,271 times when Twitter deemed it the top retweet during the debate, but as of Monday morning, it had been retweeted 71,000 times and liked over 124,000 times.

Many Twitter users also weighed in, praising Bayoumi.

"Best. Tweet. Ever," Shonda Rhimes wrote, sharing Bayoumi's tweet.

"You sir, just won the debate," one user said.

"Thank you, @BayoumiMoustafa, for your sense of humor under tough circumstances. #Debates2016," another wrote.

Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton was "really tickled by" the tweet, her campaign's director of communications, Jennifer Palmieri, told reporters Monday.

With Emily Ngo


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