About 55.98% of city voters hit polls Tuesday

About 2.5 million New Yorkers cast their ballot at city polling sites on Election Day, roughly 55.98 percent of the eligible voters in the Big Apple, according to the city’s Board of Elections.

Although this year’s turnout was about 58,000 more than in 2012 presidential election, it represented a roughly 3 percent drop in the number of eligible voters who participated.

Brooklyn had the highest number of voters with 754,901 while Staten Island had the lowest with 169,057.

The city’s participation numbers were it lower than the statewide average but on par with the national average, according to state board of elections and the U.S. Elections Project, a nonprofit website run by a University of Florida political science professor that tracks election results. About 62.39 percent of eligible New York state voters turned in a ballot, the State BOE said. About 55.6 percent of all eligible Americans voted, according to the tracker.

The state attorney general’s office received 764 complaints at polling sites throughout the states, which were mostly malfunctioning scanning machines.

Here is the voter breakdown by borough:

Brooklyn: 754,901 (53.89 percent of eligible borough voters)

Queens: 633,773 (56.63 percent of eligible borough voters)

Manhattan: 599,873 (60.89 percent of eligible borough voters)

Bronx: 361,786 (52.37 percent of eligible borough voters)

Staten Island: 169,057 (60.08 percent of eligible borough voters)


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