Underwest Donuts opens new Penn Station location

Underwest Donuts opened a new location right outside of Penn Station, so finding a reason not to indulge in the morning just got a "hole" lot harder. 

Located at 2 Penn Plaza, it’s the second location for the doughnut shop that whips up fresh treats within the Westside Highway Car Wash on 47th Street. 

“There aren’t many spaces like this,” co-owner and chef Scott Levine said of the new Penn Station location as a line grew outside the shop’s pick-up window. Opening up shop at the entrance to Penn Station between 31st and 32nd streets, right outside of Madison Square Garden and the Pennsy, “put us right in the center of NYC,” he added. 

To celebrate the opening, Levine created a new Banana Milk flavor — a cake doughnut made with purée bananas, coated in a banana milk glaze and topped off with a dried banana slice and cranberry garnish. The doughnut made its debut on Dec. 1 with the store’s opening but isn’t exclusive to the new location. 

Levine is known for thinking outside the doughnut box when it comes to his creations. “I personally like to keep in mind taking classic flavor pairings and putting a unique twist on them,” he said. 

Other best-sellers include the Halva and Mulled Cider, a “classic fall beverage turned into a doughnut,” he said. 

Doughnuts, priced at $3.25 each, are made fresh daily at the 47th Street location and transported to the Penn Station shop each morning. 


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