The worst things about winter

Go home, winter. We're already over you.

Snow, ice, grosser-than-usual subways, tourists: These are just a few of our least favorite things, and they all join forces to make the season a horrible nightmare.

Here are some of the worst things about winter in the city.

Otherwise known as the common cold, once you get sick, it's hard to stop your nose from dripping for the entire season. Thanks, germ-packed subway cars. (Credit: iStock)

It's all fun and games 'til the first snowfall -- that's when things get real. New Yorkers rush to the store to stock up on necessities ahead of snowstorms that usually amount to nothing, while the subways slow down or stop altogether. And if New York does get significant snow, it doesn't melt until April -- so good luck navigating those pesky snow banks. (Credit: Getty Images / Astrid Riecken)

Hope you weren't planning to go anywhere this winter because the subways are slower, smellier and more disgusting than usual. Add in the slippery snow residue and coughing, sneezing straphangers aboard the train, and it's unlikely you'll make it to work with your sanity intact. (Credit: MTA via Flickr)



Cuddling up under the covers all winter? Yeah, right. That radiator lurking in the corner becomes your worst enemy when you're in shorts and a tank top mid-January. (Credit: iStock)

Have a laptop? Will work. Snow days are a myth. #SorryNotSorry (Credit: iStock )

Ah, slush puddles -- the arch nemesis of all New Yorkers. No matter how far you leap, you'll still somehow end up knee-deep in a lake-like sea of misery. (Credit: Getty Images / Spencer Platt)

Because you don't spend enough time together during the week as it is. (Credit: iStock)

Long lines, weather delays and families who don't enjoy spending time together typically plague LaGuardia and JFK airports through the holiday season. (Credit: Getty Images / Bruce Bennett)



Navigating through the sea of Times Square tourism is an obstacle year-round. But in the winter, tourists are everywhere. Congregating to stare at holiday windows and Christmas lights. In their bulky jackets. With their shopping bags. Avoid the city at all costs until February. (Credit: iStock)


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