Stylish umbrellas that make us sing in the rain

Rain, rain, come our way -- we're ready for you.

You know how every bodega umbrella you've ever splurged for in a time of need has ended up in a trash can just hours later?

Prepare for the rainy season in NYC with a stylish -- and practical -- umbrella you'll always be happy to have at your side.

The geometric pattern on this Totes umbrella is sleek enough to pair with any New York wardrobe. The compact design is a great option for anyone looking for something to throw in their work bag. ($19.99, (Credit: Totes)

Clear umbrellas are a go-to in New York, since you can easily maneuver your away around a crowded street. This Kate Spade design has an adorable "Rain Check?" on the front and black trim so you know how far your semi-invisible umbrella reaches. ($38, (Credit: Kate Spade New York )

Hunter is a go-to brand for rain boots, which come in handy for those larger-than-life puddles found on city streets. Match your boots with this colorful domed umbrella -- which comes in red, black and coral --- that keeps you in your own bubble inches away from other rainy New Yorkers. ($60, (Credit: Hunter)



The Sky Umbrella actually has local roots. Debuted in 1992 by the MoMa Design Store, this black umbrella with a cloudscape inside can be seen all over the city. Get one of your own to shield yourself from the rain in style. ($55, (Credit: MoMA Store )

For an umbrella just as cute as it is small, check out the pocket umbrella by J. Crew, which comes in red navy (pictured) and navy with ivory stripes. Enclosed in a matching pouch, this is the perfect umbrella to carry daily in case of rainy emergencies. ($26.50, (Credit: J. Crew)

Really want to stand out? This supersized rainbow umbrella will do the trick -- and is sure to keep you dry. ($20, (Credit: Totes)

For those who love a label, this classic choice from Henri Bendel is sure to get recognized. The brown and white striped umbrella has a carrying strap and matching case for New Yorkers on the go. ($68, (Credit: Henri Bendel )

Stop whining about the rain with this cute umbrella wine bottle disguise. Available in a fun pattern, it's sure to brighten your cloudy day. If only it was raining chardonnay ...($20, (Credit: Shoptiques )



For a basic black umbrella with a little bit of a frill, try this foldable variety from Bloomingdale's. The wooden handle adds some retro style to this wind-resistant style. ($36, (Credit: Bloomingdale's)

It's going to be years, or maybe decades, before "How I Met Your Mother" fans stop carrying yellow umbrellas hoping to meet their future parenting partner. ($30 on (Credit: Amazon )


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