Reasons co-workers are the worst

Co-workers: You spend a minimum of 40 hours per week with them. It’s more time than you probably spend with your best friend in an entire month.

Sure, they share common interests with you (your career), but they aren’t always super-easy to get along with.

There are many different types of co-workers you’ll encounter in the workplace -- the complainer, the gossip and the know-it-all, to name a few. Every office has them.

Here are a few common occurrences that can make co-workers the absolute worst.

Some co-workers make private calls at their desks and speak just a bit too loud, letting everyone in the office know about their spreading rashes or arguments with their boyfriends. (Credit: iStock)

If they're having a lazy day (or month), that means you'll be twice as busy picking up the slack. (Credit: iStock)

A cubicle is no place for fish or hard-boiled eggs. (Credit: iStock)



There's no need for anyone to excessively file or clip their nails in the office. Ever. (Credit: iStock)

There's always that one co-worker who knows what everyone is up to and why. (Credit: iStock)

Asking a co-worker to tidy up might be just as difficult as asking a roommate to do the dishes. (Credit: Getty Images)

It's hard to get any work done while a rude co-worker chomps down on lunch in your ear. (Credit: iStock)

So while they're off relaxing by the beach or de-stressing in a yoga class, you're working overtime. (Credit: iStock)



There's nothing like returning from a day off to find trash left behind on your desk. (Credit: Meghan Giannotta)


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