New York Fashion Week is back

If you're spending time in downtown Manhattan next week, you'll probably notice the streets suddenly flushed with well-dressed fashion lovers. February New York Fashion Week is on its way, bringing style's elite along with it. If the week's declining interest hasn't yet caught up with your inner circle, here's what you'll need to know about city fashion's, well, second-biggest week of the year. 

  • When is New York Fashion Week?

NYFW kicks off Thursday, Feb. 8, and runs through Thursday, Feb. 16. The week includes the fall/winter 2018 runway collections and ready-to-wear styles presented by various popular and lesser-known designers including Christian Siriano, Michael Kors, Jason Wu and many, many more. 

Visit for a full lineup.

  • Where is New York Fashion Week held?

The days of tents in Lincoln Center and Bryant Park have long been replaced by edgier runway settings including a waterfront carnival, converted railway terminals and a former post office. NYFW shows are mainly held at Spring Studios, 6 St. Johns Lane, in TriBeCa. But, some designers will choose to present in more original venues throughout the city. 

  • What should I wear to New York Fashion Week?

Two words: comfortable shoes. Getting from show to show at New York Fashion Week isn't easy, and trying to do it in your highest heels won't make it any easier. Luckily, sneakers, flats and boots are more in line with current trends than they have been in years past.

That said, if you're heading out on the city streets to show off your unique style, be sure to slip on the most outrageously fashionable footwear you own. 

  • How can I be a part of New York Fashion Week?

You're already a part of the bustle just by stepping out into the streets of Manhattan. Yes, the focus was once entirely on the designs that walk down the runway, but actually, that's only half the important coverage. It's also about what attendees are wearing themselves. Manhattan transforms into meeting points of fashionistas that end up being photographed as if they are celebs.

  • How do I get tickets to New York Fashion Week?

Nabbing a ticket is tricky — tickets to runway shows are invite-only and unless you're a celebrity, getting those front row seats is even harder. But you still get an awesome virtual view of every show for free by watching NYFW's live broadcast at Following @nyfw on Twitter, Facebook and Snapchat is sure to also give you a behind-the-scenes view. 


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