Here's why NYFW is actually the worst

New York Fashion Week brings some of the best new styles and well-known celebrities to the city, but let’s face it — what some call “hell week” is far from perfect.

Whether you’re on the outside looking in, or have to sprint from show to show, NYFW may make you want to pull out your perfectly coiffed hair.

After a long seven to nine days, you may not want to go back again next season (but you will).

Here are just some of the worst things about New York Fashion Week.

Although the name insinuates otherwise, New York Fashion Week actually spans nine days, including weekends. Some may say the more the merrier, but after a real week, you're already worn out. (Credit: Getty Images / Grant Lamos IV )

It's not just the models who have to dress to impress. Whether you're attending a show, or going to a party, there's no such thing as candor. Looking your best is mandatory. For the bloggers and reporters covering the shows, coming up with solid outfits for nine days (with minimal sleep) is not only difficult, but near-impossible. (Credit: Getty Images)

From notable full-figured models like Ashley Graham and Crystal Renn, the fashion industry is taking steps in the right direction when it comes to body inclusivity. However, most models who get to walk the runway are rocking sizes far smaller than average. (Credit: Getty Images)



Fashion shows typically don't last longer than a few minutes, but the wait to actually see the show can add up to nearly one hour. Editors and attendees have to wait for typically 30 minutes or longer, to even get into the venue, then again at their seats for the show to begin. Think the Yeezy Season 4 wait on Roosevelt Island was crazy? You'd be surprised how long it takes to get into any show, regardless of its location. (Credit: Getty Images / Jason Kempin)

No matter what time of day, fashion shows and presentations always start after their scheduled time. One guarantee of fashion week is that timeliness is not in style. (Credit: Getty Images / Dave Kotinsky)

Not everyone wears heels to the NYFW, but no matter what shoes you throw on, running from show to show can get exhausting. And when you have five minutes to get across Manhattan to your next event, let's just hope you chose to bring along your gym shoes. (Credit: Getty Images)

No matter what gets on your nerves during NYFW, one thing everyone can agree on is the overall craziness that is "hell week." But as much as you may hate the stress and lack of sleep, you'll definitely be back for the next season. (Credit: Getty Images / Astrid Stawiarz )


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