Gifts for people you hate

Making a list and can't check anyone off of it?

During the holidays, it’s unsurprising that not everyone you have to buy a gift for is your favorite person. Whether it’s a cousin that you never got along with or a love-hate “frenemy,” gift-giving isn’t always as joyous as it seems.

For those unappreciative people you’re stuck giving gifts to, buying the right, or wrong, present can be tricky.

If buying a gift is a must, make sure they get the message with these tongue-in-cheek options.

The gift of a star -- and naming one after someone -- seems like a sweet gift. Practical and useful? Absolutely not. But you'll make sure that your frenemy will think of you every time he or she gazes up at the night sky. ($14.95, (Credit: Getty Images / Cesar Manso / Stringer)

Really not sure what to get? An I.O.U. card with a "heartfelt" holiday message will do the trick. The catch -- never follow up on that I.O.U. ($2.81, (Credit: Offhand Cards)

Make your gift speak for itself with this "I'm okay with my crazy" printable poster, which will definitely show what you think of the gift receiver. ($5, (Credit: Splendid Specimen)



If you're trying to send a message to a friend that they're not the nicest, a copy of "Mean Girls" may do the trick. The movie about high school cliques may be heartwarming, but the message will still be clear. Better yet, the gift receiver most likely doesn't own a VHS player, and wouldn't even be able to enjoy the movie. ($25, (Credit: Paramount Pictures)

This Italian chain's breadsticks are definitely on point, but when it comes to holiday gifts, nothing says "I'm just not that into you" quite like giving someone a reason to head to the Olive Garden in Times Square. (Prices vary, (Credit: Diana Colapietro)

Unless you're a puzzle aficionado, being faced with a 5,000-piece game doesn't exactly seem pleasant. Force your frenemy into solving this detailed depiction of the Sistine Chapel -- it just may take until next Christmas. ($49.98, (Credit: Ravensburger Puzzle)

As the name implies, this sparkly surprise is for true enemies -- as much as you like glitter, no one loves glitter all over their apartment. According to the site, the OG Glitter Bomb is "guaranteed to go everywhere," so make sure you're sending it to someone you really dislike. ($9.99, (Credit: iStock)

Nothing says "I'm not your biggest fan" quite like sending someone a potato. Make that special enemy feel even more special with a customized message printed on the spud. A simple "Happy Holidays!" will definitely get the message across. ($9.99, (Credit: Potato Parcel)



A piñata is truly a terrible gift. Not only is it built to be destroyed, it also makes a huge mess. Any luck, and your giftee will hate the candy you put inside. Or better yet -- leave it empty! ($36, (Credit: )

For the man who can't grow a bun, or just has super versatile styles, this clip-in gift is the perfect way to show him you don't really care at all. ($10, (Credit: Groupon )

This may be the cruelest gift of all time and yes, it's worse than naming a star after someone. First, there's not much you can do with a square foot of land. Especially if it's an ocean away. The owner of this land may declare themselves the Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe, but who cares, really? ($48, (Credit: Highland Titles )

An oldie but a goodie, make your message loud and clear with the gift of coal. Pictured: Anthrocite. ($11.99 and up, (Credit: Coal For Sale Online )

If you truly call this person an enemy, the best way to show your dislike is to spend no effort at all and skip the holiday gifts altogether. (Credit: iStock)




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