Another fare hike? The subway can be the absolute worst

What time is it? Time to whine about the subway.

In a city that loves to complain, don't expect New Yorkers to rave about the MTA: New York's most necessary evil is just so terrible to us.

From sights to smells to sounds, the NYC subway can get pretty awful.

Here are our least favorite things about it.

People who hold the door should be fined for holding everyone else up -- oh wait, that's actually an MTA rule, even if it's rarely enforced. Just don't be that guy (or girl), OK? Just don't. (Credit: Alison Fox)

We've all been there: You run down the stairs, get through the turnstile and sprint to your train, only to see its doors close a second before you're able to cross the threshold. It's one of the few times it's acceptable to yell (or at the very least issue a low growl) in a subway station. (Credit: iStock)

Throwback to March 2008 when a 30-day card was $81. Or 10 years before that, 1998, when it was a mere $63. To compare, a Chicago CTA 30-day pass costs only $100 and student discounts are available. (Credit: iStock )



Whenever it rains, we get to play a fun little game of "Frogger," but instead of dodging cars, we're avoiding disgusting puddles of runoff mixed with rust (and who knows what else) at the bottom of staircases and on station platforms. (Credit: Getty Images / Spencer Platt)

Even seasoned New Yorkers swipe too quickly and get stuck in the turnstyles. Why isn't this an app already?? (Credit: mtaphotos via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

We're late because of a what? What's happening? What? (Credit: iStock )

You know you've seen this alert from the MTA: "Trains are running with delays due to signal problems." What does that even mean? (Credit: Getty Images / Spencer Platt)

Is there a desperate cat tied to the bottom of every subway car? Why are the rails so deafening? That can't be safe. (Credit: iStock )



Oh, this train is just going to stop at Roosevelt Island and never turn around. OK. Fine. Whatever. (Credit: mtaphotos via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

Hold on, didn't we take the train in the first place to avoid all the street traffic? Traffic? Seriously. We're underground! Get with the program, MTA. (Credit: YoungDoo M. Carey via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

These are NOT subways. Not only are they not underground, on tracks or accessible via turnstiles, these are just buses that get stuck in traffic along the route -- maybe -- of a train. Just call them what they are MTA: Buses. (Credit: mtaphotos via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

After you freeze from waiting for the train in all your layers you're way too hot and sweaty in your parka and suddenly it's summer and you're melting but wait the A/C just turned on and now you've turned to ice. Repeat. (Credit: iStock )

Why can't everyone just work from home? It's way too crowded at pretty much every hour. (Credit: Ianqui Doodle via Flickr (CC BY-SA))



What time is it? Time to get kicked in the face. (Credit: Peter Burka via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

Literally the worst thing ever because no one is picking that thing up. (Credit: tamasrepus via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

"Oh yes, I love being smacked about the body by someone else's backpack on a crowded train," said no one ever. (Credit: iStock)

It's just so bad. (Credit: Melissa Kravitz )

Even worse, tourists who don't see your head at all and are totally fine brushing past your ponytail to see the fastest (probably not) route from Times Square to South Street Seaport. (Credit: Bob Kieffer via Flickr (CC BY-SA))



Have you never been in a crowd before? Come on. (Credit: Tasayu Tasnaphun via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

Sorry not sorry we have to push you now. (Credit: Michael Semensohn via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

Stop making out, doing your makeup or like anything else you wouldn't do in front of your boss. (Credit: Richard Yeh / WNYC via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

OK, that basically sums it up. (Credit: iStock)


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