A first-timer gives his take on NYFW

I don't know much about fashion.

I'm a news journalist who primarily covers politics -- and a dad whose 6-month-old baby dresses more fashionably.

So, sending me to a New York Fashion Week show was appealing, in a cast-against-type sort of way.

Here are the highlights from my trip to German designer Marcel Ostertag's runway show on Wednesday, held at Skylight Clarkson Square in West SoHo.

Checking out the street scene

I found the place easily and spent some time scoping out the entrance, seeking a shot for my first tweet while feeling nervous. I came up with this before heading to my backstage appointment, set for 5:15 p.m.

Checking in

I told a lot of people it was my first time at fashion week. That was my go-to. And they were surprisingly friendly, including one guy who gave me a high-five.

Meeting the designer

Once past the check-in area, I quickly met Marcel Ostertag, the designer presenting his spring and summer 2018 collection. He was engaging and gave me plenty to tweet about, from backstage energy to his declaration when he found out I was going to only one fashion week show (his).

Spending time backstage

The backstage crew was helpful, especially when I was searching for the word for this dress I described as "flashy."

Finding my seat

Before I knew it, it was time to head around the block and enter Gallery 3 for the show. I found my seat, F-3-4, and then wandered around the aisle. I didn't spot anyone famous (to a fashion world outsider, anyway), but noticed some women (bloggers, perhaps) posing for photos on the runway. Definitely a see-and-be-seen atmosphere.


As expected, it was difficult to take stills of the models in motion. I stood up multiple times as I looked to snap photos from the third row -- until someone working the show asked me not to stand because I was getting in the way of the live stream! Whoops.

Of the 42 looks that breezed down the runway, I spotted the backstage dress in action.

The show began 20 minutes late and lasted about 15. I shot a Boomerang before it was done, but didn't post it until I checked with some fellow audience members on whether or not there was a name for the models' final runway walk. The answer I got: "End of show." I'll take it.

Models making a final appearance at the end of @marcelostertag's show at #NYFW. It passed by in a blur.

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A personal pose before departing

Until next time, New York Fashion Week.



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