Brooklyn brewer wants to work it out with Beyoncé

The Brooklyn brewer who was sent a cease and desist letter from Beyonce’s lawyers after she named her beer “Bïeryoncé” joked that she’d be willing to work it out with the star one-on-one.

“I would be totally open to Beyoncé coming over and cracking open a few ‘Bïeryoncés’ and talking through it,” said Katarina Martinez, the head brewer at Lineup Brewing in Industry City in Sunset Park.

The brewery released cans of “Bïeryoncé,” a German pilsner, in November and it quickly became a hit.

“It was a funny pun,” she said. “Everybody loved it.”

Martinez decided to name the beer after the singer because she initially brewed it for an Octoberfest event that coincided with a Beyoncé concert she was supposed to go to.

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