Billy Joel looking forward to MSG return after sinus surgery

Billy Joel said he is recovering slowly from sinus surgery last month, but is looking forward to returning to the Madison Square Garden stage Oct. 28.

“But [the surgery] is something I should have done a long time ago. I have a deviated septum and nose-breathing issues issues, and the doctors said I really needed to get things done. . . . It was starting to become a concern, so I had to take care of it.”

The surgery required four or five weeks’ recovery, meaning Joel had to postpone his September show at the Garden until November. “I haven’t even tried to sing fully yet,” said Joel, although he has been singing songs quietly with his daughter, Della. “She’s been making little sounds, so I’ve been singing along with her,” he said, joking that Della, 1, must think he has a really quiet, congested singing voice.

Of course, that will change once Joel hits the stage again. No dates at The Garden have been announced yet for 2017, but Joel expects his record-setting residency to continue. “I thought there would be a natural curve down in demand, but we’re selling tickets even faster now than we were at the beginning,” he said.


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