Ice cream in a fish-shaped waffle cone: Yes, please

Taiyaki NYC knows its ice cream is Instagrammable — so much so it’s pasted its hashtag (#taiyakinyc) on the wall of the Chinatown shop.

The new eatery specializes in small-batch soft serve that comes in a waffle cone made in-house — that’s also in the shape of a fish. Taiyaki translates to “fried fish,” and the fish-shaped cakes — typically filled with red bean paste or custard — have long been popular in Japan, though are ripe for the Instagram age.

At Taiyaki NYC, you can pick one of the shop’s creations or make your own taiyaki. Choose an ice cream (including vanilla, chocolate, black sesame and the on-trend matcha), filling (custard or red bean), drizzle (chocolate, caramel, condensed milk or strawberry) and two toppings, such as mini M&Ms, mocha or — for the most photogenic option — a wafer.

You can opt for your ice cream in a cup, but, then, why are you even going?

Taiyaki start at $7; 119 Baxter St.,


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