Elevated subway lines with breathtaking views

New York City is home to one of the most famous skylines in the world. Unfortunately, most New Yorkers never get to fully appreciate its breathtaking beauty from within city limits.

Well, you can change all that by simply hopping on the subway and going for a ride.

Take a look at some amazing views offered by New York City's subways.

A view of the sunset headed toward Brooklyn over the Manhattan Bridge. (Credit: Ivan Pereria)

Need to get away from the concrete jungle? The A train offers breathtaking views of Jamaica Bay. (Credit: The West End via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

Get a look at Yankee Stadium as the 4 train passes by. (Credit: Marianne O’Leary via Flickr (CC BY-SA))



Hop on the N train and take a trip over the East River via the Manhattan Bridge for a spectacular view. (Credit: Cisc1970 via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

The No. 1 train station at 242nd Street offers a beautiful view overlooking Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. (Credit: Steven Pisano via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

The daytime view from the 46th Street stop on the No. 7 line in Sunnyside, Queens, offers a quintessential New York City view. (Credit: Chris Goldberg via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

The sunset view from the 46th Street stop on the No. 7 line in Sunnyside, Queens. (Credit: Chris Goldberg via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

The view from the Manhattan-bound F/G between Smith and 9th streets and Carroll Street. (Credit: Ivan Pereria)



A beautiful look at downtown Manhattan while you wait for the train to arrive. (Credit: Steven Pisano via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

The RFK Bridge, also known as the Triborough, glitters in gold lights at the Astoria Boulevard station in Queens. (Credit: Armistead Booker via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

The view from the Junction Boulevard station on the No. 7 line. (Credit: gaspi *yg via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

Get excited for your day in Coney Island by taking a ride there on the Q train. (Credit: NilsPix via Flickr (CC BY-SA))

The Coney Island -- Stillwell Avenue station in Brooklyn serves the D, F, N and Q lines. It also provides a great view all the fun that awaits at Luna Park. (Credit: Getty Images / Mario Tama)



A view of Williamsburg from the Marcy Avenue station. (Credit: The All-Nite Images via Flickr (CC BY-SA))


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