Trump and Putin said to have discussed wide-ranging issues, strengthening of ties

WASHINGTON, U.S. – Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to have had a telephonic conversation with America’s president-elect Donald Trump on Monday and the duo discussed ...

• Trump looking forward to work with Russia and its people

• U.S. openly condemned Russia’s operations in Syria and its aggression in Crimea

• Putin and Trump have numerous common points and shared views, Kremlin says

WASHINGTON, U.S. – Russian President Vladimir Putin is said to have had a telephonic conversation with America’s president-elect Donald Trump on Monday and the duo discussed wide-ranging issues to rebuild the relationship between both the countries. 

Trump's office said in a statement, “President-elect Trump noted to President Putin that he is very much looking forward to having a strong and enduring relationship with Russia and the people of Russia. The two discussed a range of issues including the threats and challenges facing the United States and Russia, strategic economic issues and the historical U.S.-Russia relationship that dates back over 200 years.”

Kremlin in a statement said, “The two leaders agreed to assess the current very poor state of Russian-American relations, but also spoke in favor of active joint work to their normalisation in the direction of constructive cooperation on a wide range of issues.”

“They underlined, in particular, the importance of creating a solid foundation of bilateral ties through the development of their trade and economic component,” the statement added. 

Trump has long praised Putin for his efforts to destroy Islamic State in Syria and worldwide. 

Putin had earlier called for a united front to fight terrorism but his calls were ignored by the United States and its allies in the West, widening the gaps between the two countries. 

Now, the two leaders align on fighting terrorism together, which effectively marks the end a probable second 'cold war.’ 

This new relationship will be based "on the principles of equality, mutual respect and respective non-involvement in the other party's domestic affairs," according to the Kremlin statement.

However, when Barack Obama became President, he also vowed to work with Russia and ‘reset’ the relation between the two. 

The bid initially succeeded as both the countries managed to work together on issues like North Korea and Iran. However, relations quickly deteriorated after U.S. openly condemned Russia’s annexation of Crimea, which was followed by conflicts relating to Syria. 

Russia’s asylum to whistleblower Edward Snowden also infuriated the Obama administration. 

During the election campaign, the White House even formally accused Russia of intervening in the U.S. election process through cyber attacks which led to Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s leaked emails.

Trump, however, had a different stance on Russia during his election campaigns. He was critical of America’s membership in the NATO and called for a renegotiation, which was applauded by Kremlin. He had even praised Putin for being a strong leader.

Russian parliament speaker, Vyacheslav Volodin said, “Putin and Trump have numerous common points and shared views. If Trump brings his promises to life, it will radically change the situation. We have only seen Trump as a candidate but we are yet to see what kind of president he will be.”

The positive attitude from both the countries remains a catalyst of a possible stronger relationship between the two world powers as they return to “pragmatic, mutually beneficial cooperation, which would meet the interests of both countries, stability and security throughout the world.”


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