Putin laughs off all U.S. allegations of trying to influence elections, claims allegations distracting people from real issues

SOCHI, Russia - With the U.S. Presidential elections just round the corner, America has reiterated its accusation against Russia for trying to influence the crucial election by hacking into ...

• Putin praises Trump for representing significant section of society and behaving like a normal person

• Russia doesn’t intend to attack anyone, says Putin

• Putin claims his call for united forces against terrorism was ignored

SOCHI, Russia - With the U.S. Presidential elections just round the corner, America has reiterated its accusation against Russia for trying to influence the crucial election by hacking into the election committee’s website and breaching voter registration. On Thursday however, the Russian premier Vladimir Putin denied all the claims at a Valdai Discussion Club during a meeting with political scientists in Sochi.

Putin argued that U.S. was using fictitious claims about Russian interference. 

He said, “The number of mythical, dreamt-up problems includes the hysteria – I can't think of another word – that has broken out in the U.S. about the influence of Russia on the current elections for the U.S. president.”

U.S. government formally accused Russia of leading cyber attacks on Hillary Clinton’s election campaign as well as U.S. based companies. However, Putin hit back at the allegations and claimed that they were meant to divert people from ‘real issues’.

Calling America a great power, Putin said, “It's much simpler to distract people with so-called Russian hackers, spies, and agents of influence. Does anyone really think that Russia could influence the American people's choice in any way? Is America a banana republic or what?”

However, sticking to his guns, White House spokesperson, Josh Earnest claimed that Putin’s remarks were predictable. 

Earnest said, “There's nothing that President Putin had to say today that I find particularly surprising or that in any way undermines the president's confidence in the analysis that's been released by the Department of Homeland Security and the intelligence community.”

Secretary of State, John Kerry also supported Earnest’s claims and said that the government was certain about Russia’s involvement in Clinton’s email hacks. But said Russia would not be able to influence voting counts as those were state-run operations and were not open on the internet.


Putin praises Trump

In the third and final presidential election, Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton slammed republican candidate Donald Trump as Putin’s puppet. 

Trump meanwhile has also expressed interest in building a healthy relationship with Moscow, praising Putin throughout his election campaigns. Putin meanwhile recently too praised Trump’s strategy to win votes.

He said, “Trump has chosen his own way of reaching the hearts of the voters. He is acting extravagantly, but not so pointlessly. He represents the interests of the part of the society tired of the elites that have held power for decades. He is representing the common people, and he is acting like a common guy himself.”

On the other hand, Putin and Clinton never shared a good relationship. Clinton continued to allege Russia of hackings as well as war crimes in Syria. Clinton was also involved in Russia’s ousting from Crimea in 2014.


Putin denies Russian aggression

While the anti-Russia block claimed that Russia was readying its cannons against allied nations and U.S., Putin termed them as ‘stupid and unrealistic’.

“It's very pleasant and profitable to make yourself out to be defendants of civilisation from some new barbarians, but the thing is Russia doesn't plan to attack anyone. It's unthinkable – simply stupid and unrealistic. It's just funny to talk about it,” Putin said.

While the Syrian conflict has been the center of dispute between Russia and the allied nations (West), Putin termed their military interventions in Syria, Iraq, Libya, and Afghanistan a mistake. 

Putin also claimed that Russia’s call to unite forces against terrorism was ignored and said his personal agreement with U.S. President Barack Obama did not work as “forces in Washington did everything they could to resist the implementation.”


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