NWS: Cold temps expected this week

Say goodbye to the freakishly warm fall temperatures.

The week began with temperatures in the 40s, a wind advisory and even some flurries. The National Weather Service said it will gradually become sunny on Tuesday, but temperatures will stay much lower than they have been.

We may have some more mild days up ahead, with a few “even in December, but nothing near 70,” degrees as we have recently experienced, said Tom Kines, senior meteorologist for Accuweather.com.

Temperatures will range in the 40s on Tuesday and Wednesday with wind chills between 25 and 30 degrees.

Thursday may see temperatures in the lower 50s on Thursday, with rain possibly starting after midnight Wednesday and carrying on into Thanksgiving Day, Kines said. No major weather related hiccups are expected to foil Thanksgiving travel plans this week, though the rain could be accompanied by fog: “If you have a flight, you should keep track of it,” for potential fog-related delays, he advised.

A wind advisory was in effect Monday until 10 p.m., but the strong winds died down by Tuesday morning, the NWS said. 

The reason for our incredibly warm autumn was that the jet stream which separates warm air in the south from colder air in the north “was above NYC for most of the fall for an extended stay. And as we’ve noticed, it’s pushed south, which (now) allows the cold air to come in.”


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