Kellyanne Conway: Not ‘all’ pollsters got it wrong

Amid an election outcome dubbed a huge upset, Donald Trump’s campaign manager has a message for the media: Not all pollsters got it wrong.

As the official results rolled in Tuesday night and it became clear that Trump was on his way to the White House, Kellyanne Conway took to Twitter to remind everyone, not only of her confidence in Trump’s ability to win, but also of her roots as an established pollster.

“STOP saying ALL pollsters missed it,” Conway tweeted.

Conway founded research and consulting firm The Polling Co. in 1995. The firm, which aggregates research using polls, focus groups and other research technologies on a range of topics, has worked with Republicans, including Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

Conway appears to elude to the fact that she, unlike other pollsters who were leaning toward a win for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, had a better handle on the true attitudes of American voters heading into Election Day.

She later tweeted additional insights into why Trump was successful, despite doubt from pollsters ahead of Election Day: “Things that were true: undercover Trump vote; ‪@mike_pence for VP; Hillary's floor & ceiling r same; rally crowds matter; we expanded the map.”

Conway is the first woman to lead a Republican presidential campaign. Something else she can now add to her list of achievements: First woman to win a Republican presidential campaign.


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