In final days, new Trump ad uses Weiner, Abedin to target Clinton over FBI investigation

WASHINGTON, U.S. - According to hacked emails published on Thursday, a senior aide of Hillary Clinton privately called FBI Director James Comey a "bad choice" in October ...

• Unfavorable view of Clinton within the FBI

• FBI launches probe in connection with "inactive" Twitter account

• Trump, Clinton in dead-heat in New Hampshire

WASHINGTON, U.S. - According to hacked emails published on Thursday, a senior aide of Hillary Clinton privately called FBI Director James Comey a "bad choice" in October 2015.

Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri sent an email to Clinton's campaign chairman John Podesta, and to the private email address of someone who appeared to be White House spokesman Eric Schultz forwarding a news article on Comey in which he suggested that crime could be rising because police officers were becoming less aggressive as a result of the "Ferguson effect."

By Ferguson affect, the FBI director was referring to the anti-police sentiment following the unrest in Ferguson earlier in the year.

Comey and the Clinton team are at odds following the former's letter to U.S. Congress notifying them that the agency was taking steps to review newly discovered emails relating to Hillary Clinton’s private email server. 

The emails were found on the laptop of Anthony Weiner, a former New York congressman and the estranged husband of Huma Abedin, Clinton's top aide. 

Abedin reportedly said she had no knowledge of the existence of any of her emails on Weiner’s laptop.

There appears to be a highly unfavorable view of Hillary Clinton within the FBI, which may be linked to the rapid series of leaks damaging to her campaign just days before the election.

“The FBI is Trumpland,” said one current agent. The agent said Clinton is “the antichrist personified to a large swath of FBI personnel,” and that “the reason why they’re leaking is they’re pro-Trump.”

Justice department officials – another current target of FBI dissatisfaction – have said the bureau disregarded longstanding rules against perceived or actual electoral interference when Comey wrote to Congress so close to the elections. 

There are concerns that Comey, a Republican whom President Obama tapped to lead the FBI in 2013, might be taking political sides.

The FBI, meanwhile, is launching an investigation into how one of its own long-inactive Twitter accounts suddenly became active earlier this week and began disseminating documents from a closed investigation into Bill Clinton's 15-year-old presidential pardon of a fugitive financier.

The account, which had been inactive coincidentally also since October 2015, started posting a slew of information last Sunday and Monday, including an item about Marc Rich, whom Bill Clinton pardoned in 2001 in one of his last acts in office.

The account, @FBIRecordsVault, also directed users toward documents related to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

Trump ad links Clinton with Weiner

Donald Trump is hoping to cash in on the Clinton email controversy ahead of the November 8 vote. 

In a new TV ad titled “Unfit,” Trump attempts to undercut Hillary Clinton’s credibility by associating her with Anthony Weiner.

“Decades of lies, cover-ups and scandal have finally caught up with Hillary Clinton. Hillary Clinton is under FBI investigation again after her emails were found on pervert Anthony Weiner’s laptop. Think about that,” the narrator says. “America’s most sensitive secrets, unlawfully sent, received and exposed by Hillary Clinton, her staff, and Anthony Weiner.”

"Hillary cannot lead a nation while crippled by a criminal investigation," the narrator concluded. "Hillary Clinton: unfit to serve."

Clinton has repeatedly denied any wrongdoing and said the FBI has "no case" against her. 

On the campaign trail

In the slog over, the Democrat nominee on Thursday also intensified her public attacks on Trump, calling him a threat to minorities in the hope of driving them to the polls in decisive numbers. 

In an effort to blunt any late momentum for the Republican presidential nominee, Clinton is moving to reinforce her position among crucial constituencies, including black communities in North Carolina and Florida, and Hispanic strongholds in Nevada and Arizona, to lock down the 270 electoral votes needed to win.

And with elections just days away, volunteers from both the Trump and Clinton campaigns are working overtime to get out the vote in Colorado and other states. 

In New Hampshire, Trump and Clinton are neck-and-neck, according to three separate polls released on Thursday. 

Previously Clinton had led every single poll conducted since July in the key state. 

In case New Hampshire does slip away from Hillary Clinton, she needs to hold on to Nevada which has six electoral votes up for grabs. 

Polls in this state too have shown an extremely close race.

The Democrat candidate received support from singer Pharrell Williams in North Carolina. 

“It makes me angry when people say she can’t lead our country because she’s a woman. How dare anyone question a woman’s ability. Every person on this planet was brought into this world by a woman,” Williams said to applause from the audience of more than 5,000 supporters.

When it comes to controlling the nuclear codes, he said, “For once, I’d like to see it commanded by a woman who knows what it’s like to physically bring a life into this world… before she decides to take millions of them out.”

No more mean words: Melania Trump

In a rare public speech on behalf of husband Donald Trump, Melania Trump called for more-civil public discourse and condemned the “bad side” of social media. 

The rally was aimed at wooing the crucial voting bloc of women that Trump needs to defeat Clinton. 

While polls show Trump winning over men, he is trailing Clinton badly among women, who vote in greater numbers. 

Making her first solo campaign appearance in suburban Philadelphia on Thursday, with just five days until the election, Melania Trump promised to work against cyberbullying and for a more civil society as first lady in a speech, saying “Our culture has gotten too mean and too rough” — sounding nothing at all like her husband.


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