The city may finally get its first dog cafe

Move over cat cafes, New York City is ready for some pups.

The NextGen Shelter Project, a nonprofit organization, recently announced a fundraising campaign to begin opening up Canine Cafes, a cafe combined with a training center and shelter for local, at-risk dogs. Attendees will be able to enjoy beverages from the cafe while playing with pups that are all up for adoption.

Though playing with dogs is a definite plus, the point of the cafes is to create a more enjoyable shelter environment for dogs, where they will receive proper training and interaction to be adopted. NextGen Shelter Project hopes these cafes will find homes for 1,500 dogs each year.

With its first Canine Cafe set to open up in Albuquerque, New Mexico next month, NextGen hopes to rapidly expand its project.

The nonprofit is currently raising funds on to open other cafes in larger cities, including New York, San Diego and San Francisco. It hopes to reach its goal of $500,000 by Dec. 31.

Though it's unclear when the NYC location will be announced or opened up, a canine cafe in the city is long overdue.


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