Grumpy Cat shares her biggest pet peeves

It doesn't take much to annoy Grumpy Cat, but some things really bother her.

In a recent blog post on, Grumpy Cat shared her top 10 pet peeves. Among her greatest annoyances are being asked to smile, being ignored and of course, social media.

"I have had it up to here with the social media," her blog post says. "I don’t want friends in real life. What makes you think I’d want them on a computer?"

Grumpy Cat, who is 4 (human) years old, doesn't mind taking selfies with her fans -- she obviously wants the attention -- but selfie sticks? She doesn't see the point.

We got to meet Grumpy Cat at the Empire State Building where she shared some other things that make her grumpy -- including interviews.

While Grump Cat prefers to stay in her cat bed in her hotel room when she is in New York, she likes that there are "so many places here that make people grumpy," her owners said.

If any New Yorkers are looking for ways to be annoyed, she recommends driving in city traffic or hopping on the subway in the summer.

Sitting in traffic and riding the subway "definitely made her grumpy." She's also not a fan of all the sirens.

(Credit: Nicole Brown)

Grumpy Cat doesn't have much interest in seeing any tourist attractions or spotting celebrities in the city. "She could care less," her owners said. "As long as she gets her cat treats and her cat naps, that's all that matters to her."

And if her bowl is empty, she's not happy. "My humans think they can sleep past 5 a.m. and there will be no consequences," her blog post says. "As if I am going to wait for food."

(Credit: Nicole Brown)

As for the recent election? Grumpy Cat doesn't do politics. "She had a very strong 'Vote No' platform," her owners said.

"I don't like parties and I don't like people," Grumpy Cat posted on her Instagram during the campaigns.

(Credit: Nicole Brown)



If you're grumpy after a meeting with Grumpy Cat, her mission is accomplished. "She loves her fans, she just wants them to stay grumpy," her owners said.

She also wants everyone to own a cat and feed them Friskies, which is her favorite type of cat food, they said.

(Credit: Nicole Brown)


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